English presentation 8.º ano

Hello! Here I am again for my first oral presentation this year. I am going to present you a manifesto against shows that exploit animals for entertainment and my choice is a very portuguese one – “tourada à corda”, or if you prefer in english,  “bullfight with a rope” , though it doesn’t have  a real translation.


What is “Tourada à corda”?

It’s  a traditional event in Azores islands, specially in Terceira Island, that started in 1622 and happens every year.

It’s a race with about 4 bulls, that have a rope tied in their necks, pulled by about 6 men, in the streets. People bully the bulls with umbrellas, sticks and run in front of them.

The animal gets very tired, angry and sometimes falls and hurts itself.


What is the purpose of this tradition?

People’s fun. Nothing else.


So, is it right to use and hurt animals just for fun?

The portuguese people use to say that national traditions are good, they say that what is national is good.

In this case, I don´t agree. This isn´t a positive tradition, so it shouldn´t happen.

In my opinion, animals should be respected, well treated and they should be able to live happy in their habitats while they live.

Animals have rights too!

This is my poster. It has a picture that shows the suffering of the animal, with the rope around its neck, and the laughter of the people. I put two hands telling people to stop this tradition and let the animals live free.

I chose the colours black and red because thay represente blood and the dark side of people, in this cas, unfortunately, portuguese ones.


Thank you for attention. I hope you understand my message. Until next time.

Como proposta de trabalho no projeto oral da disciplina de inglês, no 8º ano, os alunos poderiam escrever um manifesto contra a forma como alguns shows, supostamente de entretenimento, exploram os animais de forma cruel e indigna. O Rodrigo Ferreira partilhou com a turma o seu manifesto que se relaciona com uma tradição que acontece nos Açores: a tourada à corda. Eis aqui o seu manifesto e o poster que elaborou em relação ao assunto.


Elsa Andrade professora de inglês do 8ºH

Cartaz realizado pelo aluno, Rodrigo Ferreira do 8ºH.

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