Poetry/poesia na aula de inglês (parte I)

Uma das atividades que mais gosto de realizar é a prática de uma estrutura gramatical através da escrita criativa. Neste exercício os alunos tinham que personificar um monumento e dizer aquilo que ele testemunhou, sentiu, ouviu ou conheceu   ao longo dos séculos.

Prof.ra Elsa Andrade

Ficam aqui alguns exemplos sugestivos:

The Eiffel Tower

I've seen proposals

I've heard yes's and no's

I've seen thousands of tourists

And kids returning from Disney with their layers and layers of clothes

I have heard all the city and traffic noises

I have seen the shining stars in the skies above

But what I've seen the most is people speaking for happiness in this city of love

Ana Francisca Pinto, 12.⁰ C


The Statue of Liberty

You have welcomed thousands of immigrants

You have seen your country become the greatest nation in the world

You have witnessed the rise of the tallest skyscrapers on earth

You heard New Yorkers cry when they blew up the twin towers

You have seen Americans assemble and fight for the values you represent

Unfortunately, you are witnessing the downfall of your empire

Bryan 12º C


Belem Tower

You have felt thousands of waves,

You were once the starting point for the discoveries,

You have seen people from around the world,

You have seen the transition from carriages to cars,

And now you are just a tourist point.

Matilde Cirne 12º A


Berlin wall

I have seen barbed wire and then concrete

I have seen families being divided by me

I have heard their screams

I have heard the guard dogs

I have seen people being killed trying to get over, under or around me

I have seen the ground in November 1991

I saw the destruction of me.

Mariana Vaz 12ºD


Statue of Liberty

You have seen ocean and boats

And you have seen land and cars.

You have heard the flashes of the cameras,

But you also have heard people suffering in near areas.

You have seen different types of presidents

And you have seen the America’s industrial peak.

You have heard “We are the change that we seek”,

But you also have heard “Make America Great Again”, unfortunately.

Mariana Almeida  12ºA



You have seen people drowning to death

You have heard the sound the waves crashing on ships

You have seen treasures as they sink into the water

You have seen the Coast Guard trying to save planes

But you have also seen people being able to pass your mystery waters

Joana Ramos 12º D


Sahara Desert

You have heard the water of the river Nile;

You have known people from different countries;

You have seen millions of camels;

You have felt the hottest days and coldest nights;

You have seen death by dehydration.

Mariana Martins 12ºA