The Doors

The Doors was an iconic rock band, formed by the legend himself, Jim Morrison, along with Ray Manzarek, keyboardist, Robby Krieger, guitarist, and John Densmore, drummer, in Los Angeles California, in 1965.

Jim met Ray in the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and television, in Venice beach, and that was where it all began. The iconic singer and poet showed some of his writing to Manzarek, that really appreciated and felt like it should be known all around the world. So, they made for it. They looked for a guitarist and a drummer and it was done.

They started by giving concerts in coffees, but then they were signed by the Elektra Records, that had a giant role in helping them from scratch to success.

After they recorded and published their debut album, first week of January,1967, The Doors was invited to perform in the Ed Sullivan Show, a very well recognised TV show that was principally known due to introducing incoming stars to the TV screens, like for example The Beatles or even Elvis Presley.

In fact, they started growing exponentially, especially with the hits “Light my fire” and “Riders on the storm”, know all around the globe.

In their career, The Doors had a lot of incidents, like when Morrison was arrested in the middle of a show, or the times when the vocalist of the band was drunk and drugged and couldn’t be in the shows on time.

After this amazing path, riddled with sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, Morrison decided to move to Paris with his girlfriend, where he was found dead in a bathtub, on the 3rd of July, in 1971. He died at the age of 27, becoming a new member to the famous 27 club.

In 1991, Oliver Stone directed an amazing movie about the history of the band, starring Val Kilmer as Jim, and Meg Ryan as Pamela Courson.

It was a very deserved and grateful tribute to this awesome band that enriched the culture of the rock music, and every single life around the world.

This is The Doors, ladies and gentleman. Praise it well.



Norberto Miguel, 12.ºB